Hardly Strictly Festival 2015
by on September 22, 2015 11:05 PM in Live Gigs

naasbuskyear205Hello, hello, hello! I had a blast performing at the Hardly Strictly Festival for the second year in a row. It takes place in Naas, and has a really chilled out atmosphere, taking the format of busking. I loved playing this festival last year; I got to try a completely different type of gig, as I wasn’t used to busking type things. However, with the arrival of my one true love, Monty (it’s a portable amp, by the way) I had a more professional set up this time around, having my own sound set up. I got to busk outside Naas Town Hall, which was a great place, as it was in the centre of the town. I played for a few hours, doing covers and originals, and getting great reactions from passerbys which is always lovely. The weather was horrible when I got into Naas, but it cleared up quickly- and thankfully- so I wasn’t left singing in the rain (please excuse that horrible pun). Thank you to the organisers for getting me involved, I had a great time!

Olivia x

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